In DRAMBLYS we appreciate and celebrate diversity. The beauty of diversity lies in its profound richness: gender, race, class, religion, education, ability, language, nationality, sexual orientation, lifestyle – aspects in which we differ are in fact endless and makes us indeed unique. Acknowledging diversity embodies acceptance and continuous learning. If everyone in a band played lead guitar and no one the drums, you’d have really annoying music, don’t you think?

At DRAMBLYS we aim to bridge diverse communities by connecting and engaging different people from all walks of life. Through social learning and exchange of good practices, we aim to design colourful synergies and empowerment for responsible leadership.

Knowledge and Innovation through Diversity

When it comes to organizations, failure in diversity management can turn very costly indeed. In fact, current demographic changes stress the emerging need for new and creative approaches to managing people and approaching diversity. As acknowledged by the European Commission (2012), a diverse workplace represents a deeper pool of knowledge, skills, life experience, perspectives and expertise: “No matter how qualified your workforce is, without diversity, they are likely to think the same and to look for similar ways forward. Innovation requires a new perspective and a well managed diverse workforce can breed creativity and dynamic business solutions” (“Managing Diversity at Work: Realizing the Business Benefits with European Diversity Charters, Europe”, EC: 2012, p. 3). Therefore, diversity can no longer just be about making the numbers, but rather how an organization treats its people authentically down to the roots of its business model.   Diversity management is a time-sensitive business imperative.

DRAMBLYS aims to act as an agent for successful dissemination of diversity management, providing advice for implementing diversity management actions and promoting detailed studies and specific training on diversity management.

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Evaluation matters. An effective and efficient evaluation plays a dual role: learning and accountability. Effective programme evaluation refers to a systematic way to improve and account for actions taken.  Monitoring & evaluating are critical for tracking the implementation and outputs systematically, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the programmes.  This provides the necessary data to guide strategic planning for designing and implementing programmes and projects. It is a valuable tool to strengthen the quality of existing programmes, as well as to contribute evidence-based knowledge in the field.


At DRAMBLYS, we aim to foster social innovation projects and ventures by providing impact and programme monitoring & evaluation, as well as by providing training workshops and consultations on evaluation.



Social Creativity Labs are spaces for innovation based on what we see as gaps in the social change landscape, where we test innovative ideas, alternative business models, new economic practices or flexible cooperation structures. Social creativity labs are immersive environments that assist in thinking more expansively about the kinds of social problems we are trying to solve.

In SCL processes of interdisciplinary collaboration, and open innovation embrace and combine knowledge from multiple fields of experts, aiming to find unexpected and new points of convergence and develop further insights about emerging social problems.

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At DRAMBLYS, we aim to facilitate the transition towards sustainability. Our collaborative, transdisciplinary approach is focused on understanding the relationships between people, place and change. We explore a wide range of issues including climate change, energy, transport, water, resource use, cities and communities, business and lifestyles. We specialize in participatory and action-oriented research that brings together business, NGOs, public administration and local communities to enhance the relevance and quality our research.

In addition, we work with local communities in order to carry out real-world, results-focused research. We also develop best practices that are aimed to inform and inspire. We write reports, studies, overviews, analytical papers and feasibility studies for projects and initiatives from the fields of culture, economy, sociology and creative industries. DRAMBLYS count on a team equipped to conduct social research based on a full range of qualitative, quantitative, and ‘mixed methods’ designs. DRAMBLYS conducts research and studies independently or in cooperation with our partners.  We also offer our knowledge as technical experts to international research consortiums.



DRAMBLYS strives to develop and mobilize knowledge, expertise and abilities to support sustainable development. Our strategic consultancy is aimed to help organizations to create social impact with and through others. We help and assist third sector organizations with restructuring and leadership support. Our aim is to empower the organizations to tackle the obstacles that are unique to the field in order to help them maximize collective impact. We focus on supporting leadership, implementing sound organizational practices and strong ethical practices.

We tailor the trainings to meet the needs of the organizations and pair it with effective and variety of participatory and game based tools and learning techniques. We develop and implement short and long-term training programmes aimed to build the organizational capacity and maximize social and collective impact.

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