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Donate 1 litre of water to our Dramblys

Our DRAMBLYS is thirsty. Did you know that elephants drink over 190 liters of water each day? By donating 1 EURO you are of great help to maintaining our DRAMBLYS to keep active in its social creativity ventures!

NOTE: DRAMBLYS, as non-for profit organization, maintains the highest standard for financial responsibility. We focus on financial ethics, efficiency, and resource maximization. 100% of all donations are exclusively used for the development and implementation of the programmes.


Donate your time and talent

Our DRAMBLYS is also thirsty for new ideas. Keen on sharing your ideas with our community? Interested in a volunteering opportunity with our DRAMBLYS?! Become a part of the change and share your passion and creativity! Write us today and tells us your ideas you would like to work on:


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We are keen on building relations with new partners and external organizations, and working collaboratively on new opportunities in research and social innovation projects. For further information or project proposals, please contact us at:

We are happy to share our expertise and vision with you and your organization. DRAMBLYS welcomes requests and consultations from social entrepreneurs and other NGO’s interested in engaging in social creativity ventures. Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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