“We now live in a world where information is potentially unlimited. Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive” (George Dyson).

Social creativity thrives on the diversity of perspectives included by making all voices heard. It requires constructive dialogs between individuals negotiating their differences while creating their shared voice and vision.

In DRAMBLYS, we aim to explore and apply the potential of social design and story-telling towards social innovations. We do believe in a successful marriage of storytelling with social creativity, which can provide us with results that are both creative and innovative.

In DRAMBLYS we believe that creativity starts from a belief and results from interaction and collaboration. Creativity is social, collaboration is essential. Creative acts bring meaningful change to the social groups in question. The sum of individual efforts = community outcomes.

Welcome to our Social Creativity Lab! A space to explore and exchange creative approaches, models and visions! Towards a positive social change and responsible leadership.