Circular Economy Competences for Lifelong Learning

Project Description

The circular economy concept is a response to the aspiration for sustainable growth in the context of the growing pressure of production and consumption on the world’s resources and environment. The greening of the European economy, as outlined in the EU 2020 strategy, will have profound effects on the labour market and the development of the skills of the European population.

Making the transition to a circular economy requires a pressing need for new skills, competences and approaches. Education, initial and continuous vocational training and non vocational adult learning (or “lifelong learning”) have a critical role to play in delivering and updating relevant skills.

CYCLE project is intended to create a set of tools that improve and develop non vocational adult trainers (henceforth, NVATs) training competences that ensure the introduction of circular economy competences in adult training, contributing to the creation of an attractive learning pathway for NVATs and facing the existing gap in this area.

CYCLE project aims to develop competences for circular economy of NVATs in order to facilitate the transversal integration of these competences in adult education, contributing to the development and expansion of their professional and educational skills which are necessary, and which need to be addressed alongside the environmental demands and the sustainability targets for 2020 in the field of Circular Economy.

During the project development the project partnership has built CYCLE Competence Centre addressed for adult trainers to learn about competences for the circular economy.

Cycle Competence Centre (CYCLE CC) is the hub where educators can find training and guidance tools to help them introduce circular economy in different learning environments:

The project has been financed within the framework of ERASMUS+ programme, Strategic partnership in the field of adult education (Ref. 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038470).

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