Agro_EduGames: A new approach to young rural entrepreneurs


When we think of rural areas, our minds might sometimes associate this though with idle days of summer vacations but seldom we view them as places with potential for growth, investment, research etc. And indeed, with challenges such as depopulation, lack of opportunities, unemployment and so on, rural areas seem to have been left behind. However, in the last year, they have made it into national and international political agendas and after a difficult year of isolation, they have gained prominence as places where individuals/families can move to, or invest in, boosting so opportunities for new initiatives, knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship. 

Agro_EduGames is an Erasmus + funded project which aims at providing young entrepreneurs of rural areas with up to date and modern teaching/training material, empower them so they are able to tackle current challenges and come up with structured solutions, and use game-based learning (especially escape-games methodology with the aim of converting them in effective and efficient educational tools). It also aims at fostering inclusivity and equal participation, targeting so learners with a specific learning disorder, and especially ‘Dys’ youngsters.

The project started in December 2020 and counts on a consortium of three more partner organizations; Citizens in Power from Cyprus, Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre from Poland and Challedu from Greece. Even though it has faced many challenges due to the restrictions caused by the pandemics, it has not stopped developing the planned results. One of them is the Guidebook “Educational bearing or game-based learning in agro-entrepreneurship for the youth sector” which can be found in the project website ( The next exciting step will be the development of 5 escape rooms by September, developed by each partner who after having researched through the most prominent agricultural sectors of their country, have decided to focus on one. 

Our escape room will have as a subject the olive oil industry (though the Manchego cheese was very tempting too!). Stay tunned!

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