Are you aware of the prejudices and cultural biases you may have internalized?

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Do you know the difference between multiculturalism and interculturalism?

These two terms are often used as if they were equal and interchangeable. However, they refer to different models of diversity approach. 

There are few societies today that do not include individuals of different ethnicities, religions, nationalities, ages, sexual orientations, and many others. Difference is part of our daily lives and this is an enriching and positive experience because it broadens the range of possibilities from which to choose. Moreover, diversity encourages us to rethink, to not take one single reality as acceptable and to step out of our cultural comfort zone.

Diversity is an asset that must be valued. But in order to do so, we must first go through reflection, observation and empathy.

Multiculturalism defines a reality of coexistence between different cultures that share a common territory (be it a neighborhood, a city, a region or a country). Multiculturalism is therefore the social and institutional recognition of difference as the basis for the organisation of a territory.

Interculturalism goes beyond the mere assumption of difference as a defining feature. It implies assuming a proactive role in fostering inclusion and social dialogue. Interculturality is understood as a model of relating horizontally and bidirectionally between people or communities that are different and have different ethnic and cultural characteristics. 

In other words, it is a process of human coexistence, based on respect for the reciprocal relationship of values between communities of different people.

This model is only possible from the recognition of the different ones.

That is why at Dramblys we support #ReFALInterculturality  #InterculturalidadEsRiqueza  #InterculturalismIsWealth  

What is it for you? 

A project by:

Foro Abraham

Instituto de Asuntos Culturales



y Fundacion CIDEAL

with the support of Instituto Europeo del Mediterráneo

and the Red Española Anna Lindh

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Empathy and the ability to listen and understand is the only way to truly intercultural dialogue and inclusive societies!

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