Defining Corporate Social Entrepreneurship


The EMBRACE project is aimed to promote Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) in HEI educational programmes and improve students’ competences, employability and attitudes contributing to the creation of new business opportunities dealing with social change inside companies as well as promoting collaboration among companies.

EMBRACE is an Erasmus+ funded project which brings together a consortium of 10 European partner organisations – Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland), Vytautas Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), DRAMBLYS (Spain), Budapest University of Technology and Economics – BME (Hungary), National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (Romania), Domhan Vision (Germany), Hellenic Management Association (Greece), Digital Technology Skills Limited (Ireland), University of Porto (Portugal) and Hanze University of Applied Science (The Netherlands). 

The project aims to co-design and co-create an innovative, multi-disciplinary European Corporate Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum (ECSEC), resulting in EMBRACEedulab. EMBRACEedulab will provide a learning journey and meeting point for both, university students and business sector employees to train in CSE skills and competences. 

Within the framework of Work Package 2 that aimed to review CSE Programmes in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Europe and other relevant jurisdictions, the EMBRACE project team has redefined its definition of CSE to be:

Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) is ‘a way of doing business’ so that all staff in any given organisation (public, private or third sector) are fully aware of their role, responsibility and contribution to the sustainable socioeconomic enhancement of their organisations and the communities in which they live and work. The CSE process includes: creating an enabling entrepreneurial environment, fostering corporate social intrapreneurship, amplifying corporate purpose and values as well as building strategic alliances in order to solve economic and social problems and to promote the success of emerging innovative business strategies.

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