We are going to Innsbruck for a training course!

insbruck 4

Since the last meeting held in Den Helder in June this year, Dramblys has been working closely with the other partners to develop an e-learning platform aimed at mentoring young women entrepreneurs.

In a few days, the participants representing Dramblys will travel to Innsbruck (Austria) to be trained during the whole week (from 10th to 14th December) using gamification learning methodologies.

Innsbruck is an Austrian city, from where FIB. (http://www.fib.at) works, who as partners of the project will welcome us during these days. FIB works in the field of professional orientation to women with a gender perspective and counts on a long journey in support and orientation of women in diverse subjects that go from the sociolaboral to the familiar or interpersonal relations.

During the training week, some interesting contents will be tackled, such as skills to break with the fears of entrepreneurship, the characteristics of social innovation or the skills of young women entrepreneurs. The approach to these topics will be useful to test the contents in which the partners have been working in recent months and thus be able to improve them and adapt them to the needs of future mentors.

Very soon we will share these contents on the project website.

Meanwhile you can learn more about the project by visiting https://womcaproject.eu

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