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Jun 03

Digitize Enterprise Launched for Young Learners

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A new project aimed at equipping young learners throughout Europe with effective learning tools to start their own business, officially launched this week at South West College (SWC) and will run until November 2021.

Digitize Enterprise is an Erasmus+ funded project which brings together a consortium of five European partner organisations – South West College, Donegal Youth ServiceInstitute of Entrepreneurial Development (Greece), DRAMBLYS (Spain) and Citizens in Power (Cyprus).

The project also aims to address the learning needs of youth leaders to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver youth work in the area of enterprise. Representatives from each of the European partners attended the launch event at SWC.

Dominic McGeown, Enterprise Co-Ordinator at SWC said:

“This project is a fantastic opportunity to encourage young people to step into enterprise and entrepreneurship. With our project outputs, young people throughout Europe will be able to learn about various aspects of enterprise via one digital learning space.

“We hope that this project and its outcomes will help boost the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth not only in Northern Ireland but throughout Europe.”

Lina Klemkaite from the Spanish-based social creativity lab, DRAMBLYS added:

“The Digitize Enterprise project presents a unique learning opportunity for partners as well as youth workers and learners, to deepen their expertise in youth work and gain relevant experience working with youth in different European countries.”

Digitize Enterprise is an Erasmus+ funded project – an EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. In the UK, the programme is managed by the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK. The project is funded under Key Action 2 of the programme.

Dec 13

URBEX: Participatory Urban Exploration as Education Tool

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The project “URBEX: Participatory Urban Exploration as Education Tool” is an exchange of good practices project, financed within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The idea of the project URBEX came from a common challenge faced by the project partners: the low participation and community engagement of the young residents living in disadvantaged urban areas.

URBEX project aims to increase the participation of young people at risk of social exclusion living in selected neighbourhoods by exploiting the partners’ experiences in the field of participatory urban exploration methodologies, sharing good practices and creating and testing innovative exercises and tools in different European urban contexts.

The participatory urban exploration as an education tool and methodology can help to promote the empowerment of the youth: by exploring the territories, collecting stories and information about the neighbourhood and getting in contact with the residents, young people are likely to start developing a sense of belonging to their communities and begin to think about themselves as actors of social change. The analysis of urban territories is also a valid tool to encourage their critical thinking and the development of social, civic, digital and intercultural competences.

Thus, URBEX main aim is to promote the participatory urban exploration at European level as valid educational tool for the target of youth at risk of social exclusion. During the project implementation 5 partners, coming from 5 different countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Slovenia) will work together in order to define learning contents related to the urban exploration that will be collected in an educational toolkit. In addition, 2 learning mobilities will be arranged and take place in Palermo aiming to train 25 youth workers and 50 young people at risk of social exclusion on exercises and tools included in the toolkit.

URBEX project is coordinated by Bond of Union (IT) and counts on the collaboration of the following partners: Tesserea (DE), Dramblys (ES), Mapping for Change (UK) and Prostoroz (SI).

Don´t miss our local events and workshops that will take place in Berlin, Palermo, Albacete, Ljubljana and London and contact us for more details how to get involved.

For more updates about the project, follow us in social media: #urbex4youth

Apr 04

Anti-discrmination Pack 2.0

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Digital discrimination and hate speech online is situated at the intersection of multiple tensions: it is the expression of conflicts between different groups within and across societies; it is a vivid example of how technologies with a transformative potential such as the Internet bring with them both opportunities and challenges; and it implies complex balancing between fundamental rights and principles, including freedom of expression and the defence of human dignity.

Racism and discrimination are not new phenomena and although publicly condemned, are often privately tolerated in online contexts. They have undergone a transformation from visible to more latent forms and are manifested in popular social networking sites (hereafter SNS). Youth, the main users of these sites, are particularly affected by and exposed to racist and discriminatory messages, that in forms of images, videos, comments, are circulated in SNS. Users can be easily misled, since “cloaked” (disguised) forms of discrimination are hidden in false, “politically correct discourses”, like “I am not a racist, but… “. While taking into consideration how these sites constitute a powerful form of non-formal learning, recognizing how youth in particular are challenged by online racist contents, “Anti-discrimination Pack 2.0” project is directed towards providing guidance and preparing the youth workers to learn, use and share the Anti-discrimination Pack. As follows, the project is aimed:
-to share methodology worked out during the project INTERNET: CREATIVELY UNVEILING DISCRIMINATION (I:CUD) called ‘antidiscrimination pack’ which has been done by CEPS SOCIALS PROJECTS (;
-to enable and support young people to become active and responsible digital users;
-to assess and reflect on their own use of technology, make changes, challenge and combat digital discrimination.

The project provides a practical guide on how to unveil masked discriminatory practices: to show a way of becoming creative “prosumers”, who do not just passively “consume discriminatory contents” but actively produce material counteracting such conducts.

As follows, 6 organizations, coming from Spain, Cyprus, Poland, UK and Germany: Dramblys (Coordinator), C.I.P Citizens In Power, EureCons Förderagentur GmbH, Fundacja “Zielony Slon”, CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS and Kairos Europe Limited will be working together to update the Anti-discrimination Pack, developing new tools to combat racism and discrimination online and news approaches to address social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity.

The project has been financed by Erasmus+ programme, KA2 Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth.


Apr 24


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En “Los Cuentos de Masnavi”, el poeta sufí Rumi narra la fábula de “El elefante en la oscuridad”.

La metáfora de la historia del elefante nos inspira y desafía a ver más allá de la mano de la creatividad social y el diseño, ésta es nuestra metodología de trabajo. Combinamos pensamiento y visión críticas a través de diferentes disciplinas que desarrollan nuevas asociaciones y colaboraciones en distintos sectores para fomentar y apoyar la creatividad social.

¡CUIDADO! DRAMBLYS puede provocar efectos secundarios. Te invita a re-Pensar, re-Descubrir y re-Imaginar situaciones socioeconómicas actuales para buscar alternativas e iniciativas creativas y responsables con las que involucrarse y comprometerse en su seguimiento: hacia un cambio social positivo y liderazgo responsable. Aunque….¡ojo! ¡El elefante también tiene grandes orejas! Por ello nos consideramos eternos aprendices a través de experiencias vitales. El elefante escucha, observa, y explora la realidad social, comparando, aprendiendo y buscando enfoques alternativos y formas de vidas sostenibles.