Our story

Combining sociological imagination & inquiry with social creativity and design to effect positive social change and responsible leadership.


DRAMBLYS is a non-profit organization committed to positive social change and responsible leadership that works for the promotion of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

We combine sociological imagination & inquiry with social creativity and design to approach, explore, and innovate solutions to emerging social problems. To strengthen local capacity and foster social creativity. 


“Dramblys” comes from the Lithuanian word for “elephant”. Our philosophy and vision has been inspired by the tale of the “Blind men and an elephant”, which illustrates a range of truths and fallacies depending on the perspective we adapt and our subjective experiences. The tale tells us about a group of blind men touching an elephant to find out what it is. Each of them touches different parts of the elephant and then compare their experiences, leading to complete disagreement.

The Elephant story and metaphor challenges us and inspires to think outside the box, while applying social creativity and design – this is our working methodology. We combine strategic thinking and visioning across disciplines to develop new partnerships and collaborations across sectors to foster and support social creativity ventures.

What we do:

Our mission & objectives.

We aspire to serve as an interactive platform and meeting point to exchange, design, inspire and promote social innovation projects and creative alternatives, both globally and locally. We aim to facilitate creative dialogues and co-create sustainable alternatives. To inspire new social entrepreneurs and community leaders & promote sustainable ways of living.

We are committed to conducting objective and practical research and offering sociological analysis and insights by means of visual story-telling and social learning. For active participation in social ventures and an intercultural dialogue and to empower for responsible leadership.

We aim at promoting awareness and developing understanding about social innovation, and to foster project implementation and creative & sustainable alternatives by providing professional support services and assisting civil social organizations, social entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. To bring meaningful change to social groups in question.

We are particularly interested in approaching, reaching, learning from, and empowering under-represented and/or marginalized voices, as well as local communities on social creativity ventures. For sustainable local development and global & local solidarity.

We design and implement a range of training programmes and social activities & campaigns, based on learning-centered, participatory and experiential methodologies. For the promotion of lifelong learning and active global citizenship.

Our Values:

Learning organization.

We are a learning organization. We take smart risks and we allow permission to fail. We’re not afraid of failure and are willing to do things differently, we know that innovation and risk are two sides of the same coin. To bring meaningful change to social groups in question.

Pursuit of Excellence.

At DRAMBLYS, we strive to achieve the highest quality in service / program delivery.


We’re not afraid to ask questions and think about new ways of doing things. We want to develop new approaches and learn from the results so we get better at what we do.

Collaboration and co-creation.

We believe that social change is a team sport. Relationships are better than transactions. Deep-seated change requires networks, allies and the fresh thinking that comes from working with others.